Tour Barcelona from the Top (One Day)

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Ruta Barcelona from the Top

Would you like to discover the most spectacular views of the city of Barcelona and travel the roads to take you to the highest mountains overlooking the sea and the country? Unbelievable, isn't it?

A journey, 318km, 1712 meters high. Average annual temperature 19º High average 27,3º – Low average 10,2º

Motorcycle, insurance, Pro Rider guide, riding breafing, gasoline, motorway cost, visit Circuit de Catalunya, Montseny, and monastery Montserrat, breakfast. a meal and refreshments. Equipment is required: Helmet, jacket and gloves.
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Complet journey

Breakfast, breafing and theory road riding course

We will leave Barcelona, but first, we will hold two full turns to ancient Formula 1 circuit and racing bikes around Montjuïc Magic Mountain. We will visit the Castle overlooking the Mediterranean, enjoying views of the city, the port, and its beaches.
We’ll surround the city towards the North to climb the Collserola mountain where the park Tibidabo.

From there we will see the city from the opposite side and again contemplate the city, the county of Vallés and taking a drink.

We will leave Barcelona to Sant Cugat to reach permanent and International Circuit of Catalunya. If there is no private activity, we can make a brief visit.

From Montmelo will travel to the highest mountain of the province of Barcelona, in the Natural Park of Montseny. Will arrive at the highest point 1715m over the sea, called El Turó de l’Home, with unique views of the Maresme, Vallès, and Barcelonés counties.

We will pass through the roads of the Osona where Àlex Crivillé, the first Catalan World Champion who won the 500cc World Championship in 1999, began writing his legend. Will arrive at his hometown Seva where we see his birthplace and a monument in his honor.

We will eat at the best restaurant in the Montseny with local produce of the earth as the famous Catalan Inlay and “Pa amb tomàqute”( bread with tomato).

For good digestion, we will ride to Montserrat by highway, passing by Vic, Osona capital, and Manresa, capital of the Bages county.

we will arrive to Montserrat, the sacred mountain and a symbol of Catalunya, where the Virgin of Montserrat is venerated by the faithful Christians and where the children’s choir sing a hymn very deep. The particular shape of the mountaintops provide the viewer a unique landscape in the world.

Leaving behind the sacred mountain to return to Barcelona, we will enter it by the coast and head to the beach of Barceloneta where you can see the huge profile of its beaches while drinking a soda before ending the day.

After watching from the sea and under the umbrella with a drink in hand the profile of the city, we will going back to the starting point.

Arrival to Ducati Barcelona facility

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