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Tour Action Vintage

Would you like to discover the most spectacular views of the city of Barcelona, visit Terramar's Car-racing track in Sitges, one of the the most ancient oval circuits of Europe, and to visit the natal city of the World Champion of Trial Toni Bou?

One day, 241km, 512m of height. Annual average temperature 19º high average 27,3º average low 10,2º

It includes:
bike, Insurance, Pro Rider Guide, breafing of conduction, petrol, highway toll, visit the old race track Autódromo de Terramar in Sitges, visit to Montserrat, breakfast, lunch, refreshments. It is an obligatory equipment: Helmet, jacket and gloves.
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Complet journey

Breakfast, breafing, and Theory of the course of conduction by road

We will leave of Barcelona, but before, will realize two complete laps to the old race circuit of Formula 1 and motorcycles of Montjuïc’s Magic Mountain. We will visit the Castle in front of the Mediterranean sea, will enjoy the views of the city, the port, and his beaches. We will across the city towards the North to rise to Collserola’s mountain where there is the park of the Tibidabo.

From there we will see the city on the opposite part and will contemplate again the city, the region of the Vallés, and will take a refreshment.

We will leave behind Barcelona direction to the National Park of the Garraf to come to Sant Pere de Ribes, where one finds Terramar’s Oval racing track constructed in the year 1923. If the conditions allow it, we will be able to drive some laps for the old perimeter oval.

We will go towards Sitges, where we will park in the Paseo in front of the Sea. We will walk along his historical center and will eat a good rice in a restaurant with views to the Sea.

We will re-undertake the trip towards the interior of the country. We will drive for the heart of the region of the Penedés, which landscape is full of vineyards and the famous Grape is cultivated to elaborate the Cava.

We will visit one of the traditional wine-cellars where there is elaborated the Cava, the most international frothy drink of Catalonia and Spain.

We will stop in Piera, Natal city of the pilot of trial and World Champion Toni Bou. In this city it exists a monument dedicated to his person and his 12 World titles.

We will come to Montserrat, the Sacred mountain and symbol of Catalonia, where the Virgin of Montserrat is venerated by Christians and where the children’s choir intone a very deep anthem. The particular form of the tops of the mountain provide a landscape exclusive in the World.

We will leave behind the sacred mountain to return to Barcelona. We will enter in the city fllowing the litoral, and will go to the beach of the Barceloneta where we will be able to look the enormous profile of his beaches while we take a refreshment before ending the day.

After meditating from the sea and under the parasol with a drink looking the prifile of the city we will return to the point of exit.

Arrival to Ducati Barcelona facility

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